Covid19 – the least dangerous part

The virus has proved to be the least dangerous part of the pandemic. The medical reaction – putting old people on ventilators, emptying hospitals for a non-event, based on wild data modelling of everything bad that could possibly happen, ignoring everything we know about how viruses behave in the real world, was just the start. Governments deliberately trashing the world economy, inflicting untold suffering on their citizens in the name of “social distancing”, mindlessly copying the Chinese model of political oppression, whole scale closing of small businesses, and the glorification of Amazonian Cardboard Gods indicates the road to come.

The scientific ignorance of all politicians, with the surprising exception of Sweden is terrifying as we enter the technological age. Their inconsitent and ignorant advice beggars belief – masks on, mask off, masks on when we can’t decide or maybe masks off if its whatever. And if you can’t wear a mask, well you are exempt??

A vaccine?? well maybe this year or next but who is going to have a vaccine for something that barely exists and by the time the trials have finished and its been proven safe, and effective – which may take a while, given there are no longer any cases, is going to be difficult. Who takes Tamiflu any more – who even remembers what’s for?

This pandemic has caused massive devastation – that has disrupted education, global health services and international travel and the scientifically ignorant “intellectuals” – still think that national borders are irrelevant. If they understood anything about viral transmission – namely airborne as opposed to droplet spreading they might be right. Their audiences are dropping away and they can’t chatter in quite the same way – YouTube and Zoom don’t have the same impact as packing a hall with 500 eager listeners at £20 a ticket.

Sorry boys – you have to do better, you can’t support anti-scientific social distancing and totalitarian control and still pretend you believe in any other world that a class based mixture of Brave New World and 1984 – 1984 for the proles, Soma and Gaterade for plants and the elites. The middle class intellectual liberal is on the way out. YouTube favours extremist views and the left wing Marxists are more than most of you privileged academics can actually stomach. Take the Knee white boys

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