Why did women come to be treated as property?

And the supplementary question is “Is this still the case?”

  1. Women are desirable to the majority of men
  2. In days past, a woman with children was vulnerable – she needed a defence against the whims of passing males
  3. Someone else might have to die defending her against wild beasts and other men. Without such a defence, both her and her children might die
  4. Initially a tribe might defend her, regardless of whom had fathered the children because children are an essential part of a tribe.
  5. Once however civilisation moved beyond tribal living, into villages and towns women were vulnerable again. A defence was necessary
  6. What do men defend, even with their lives? – their property!
  7. Thus if you wish a man to defend as he would his most prized possessions, best to be one of his prized possessions. And preferably one he doesn’t trade
  8. Hence, if you want someone to defend you – best to let him think he owns you. That way, he will defend you, you must be worth at least 30 shekels of silver. He pays the bride price, he gets children, sex and a servant/cooking. And in that bargain rested the future of humanity
  9. Nowadays women don’t need a man to defend themselves they need legal status, money, a car and a cheque book. These are provided by the modern state. The unmarried mother has status, income and accommodation, through the welfare state.
  10. A man can sometimes a better standard of living than benefits, but in these uncertain times, he does not have a lot to offer majority of women
  11. Men might have outlived their evolutionary value and now they are needed only to carry the sperm which the women use to turn their eggs into embryos and then babies and then women
  12. Men are needed only to fuel the industries that support the state that supports the women.
  13. Sorry Guys, you are done! Your time has passed. Time now to repair the damage that you have done to the planet, or else we will all go up in smoke

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