Why MoodMap?

MoodMapping helps people objectively monitor, measure and manage their moods.

Mood is the most basic part of our personality. It dictates behaviour, success, socialIf we can’t manage our moods, not only are we unlikely to do well in life, but we are likely to lose friends, feel isolated and lose all pleasure in life.
increasing to gain greater self awareness. Why is this important? – self awareness is one of the great skills of human beings. Being aware of ourselves where we are in space, where we are in relation to other people the world and even the universe, brings enormous benefits.

If you know where you are in the world, you are best placed to be able to secure yourself a niche in it. Otherwise, you are left to trial and error – “that didn’t work, better try something different” Whereas if you can see who you are, what are your strengths and weaknesses, where you are most likely to do well, then you are in with a shout in the battle to fulfil your potential.

We have only the vaguest idea who we are and yet already there are innumerable scientists looking to improve on it. However we have no idea of what we, undoctored, are already capable of, and the only way we are likely to understand our potential better is through self awareness.

How close are we to using our full potential? A few people make it, but most of us will look back on their lives and see how much more they could have done, with a bit more effort, and maybe been that little more self awareness and just knew a little better where we going and where we might have been

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