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You are not alone if you think that turning the world into a Covid1984 PoW camp has become a complete nonsense, economic disaster and health hazard.

These people are also on your side
Lockdown Sceptics
J B Handley’s blog, which is also sceptical about vaccination in general and does a lot of useful research on other topics
And if you too are concerned that Mr Bill Gates, formerly known for his virus-ridden software has a mite too much interest in vaccines, together with his close pal Fauci (see Amazing Polly) you may enjoy this from Dr Mercola

The UK falling death rate predicts that in two months time, Covid1984 will be a fading memory, although LockDown may last considerably longer, possibly to the point that we forget about Covid1984 altogether and take for granted that touching people is dirty, shaking hands is tantamount to a death sentence, and best to avoid anyone. anything and anywhere you don’t like. Fragility has gone berserk

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