Are Men the Problem?

Are men the problem, or is it just White Men. If men are the problem, then it is all men. White men are probably the most civilised men on the planet, although that is not a high bar for them to step over.

A civilised man treats women with respect and looks out for the well being of all other living creatures and plants as vital for the health of the planet. and animals are part of the living world, without which we cannot survive.

Unfortunately many cultures fall short of these ideals, Many men in many cultures view women as for nothing more than “Cooking, Children and Sex”, consider it fine to beat them, mistreat them, and sell them into slavery.

Masculinity does have its upside, at its best it is a constructive force for good, at its worst it is the most destructive force on the planet. Does “Whiteness” have anything to do with this? The most successful enterprises on the planet are run by White Males, think Google, think Amazon, think FaceBook, think Twitter. Every major country has for the vast majority of its history been run by men, for men and to the detriment of every other group in its constituency.

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