Covid19 and the First Global Civil War

  1. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” Sherlock Holmes
  2. What do governments world wide know about Covid19 that we don’t?

What do we know – that the world has changed or been changed beyond recognition. And no single narrative can explain it, which suggests there may several narratives going on simultaneously

1 – A virus escaped or was released from a laboratory in Wuhan, which was involved gain-of-function virus research : Gain-of-function research is when researchers take an existing virus or pathogen and make it more potentially dangerous — either more contagious, more likely to kill a human host, or both.

2 – To the authorities surprise, Nature seems to have taken care of this virus, it has become less lethal and what ever Bill Gates hopes for a vaccine for everyone, it seems unlikely that there will be a need to vaccinate against a virus that disappeared. There are now too few cases in the UK to run effective trials.

3 – That governments world wide seized upon Lockdown with such alacrity suggests that they knew something the rest of us, don’t and that in their minds this justified Draconian measures. Surely they had some understanding of what they were doing when they trashed the world economy and the world as we know, for something less lethal than an average flu season

4 – None of the obvious players, including the WHO really has the power to do what they have done –

Narrative 1
a) China has bought the WHO in conjunction with the B & M Foundation
b) The world is waking up to China and controlling position it now has, particularly with respect of infrastructure, Huawei and 5G, and manufacturing, its unspeakable violations of human rights, its appalling record on polluting the planet, and the links between CCP and Marxist groups including Antifa.
c) This has been going on for a long time, well before China started to become anything like the industrialised nation it is today.

Trump is anti-China – rather than anti-Russian. It is as though the American Civil War has spread globally.

Narrative 2
a) There is a lot of talk about a ‘Global Reset’ and that the Global model of debt finance has run its course.
b) The American Civil War was not just about slavery, it was also a battle between two economic systems. The asset based South, who ran out of funds, because they ran out of assets to mortgage. Slaves were not a reliable asset and could not be mortgaged because they ran away, and couldn’t be traced. With DNA analysis and tracking devices, there is now no such problems, humans are again mortgageable assets and the slavery model is back in business, providing the slave owners win the First Global Civil War. The debt based system of the North and Unionists, where the army was paid using government loans printed out in the form of GreenBack dollars has all but reached the end of the line
c) That Governments leapt to Lockdown and are worldwide printing money to keep the people happy and paid, doubling and trebling their national debt at the stroke of a pen, is consistent with the idea that they know this money will never be, or have to be repaid.
d) This narrative sees the pandemic as a cover story for a global reset – blamed not on incompetent and greedy bankers and their minions who have let the system run out of control, but on a virus, a freak of nature that no one saw coming. Except those who predicted it and had hoped to make millions from a vaccination that probably won’t be needed i.e. Gauci and Gates

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