Covid19 – the least dangerous part

The virus has proved to be the least dangerous part of the pandemic. The medical reaction – putting old people on ventilators, emptying hospitals for a non-event, based on wild data modelling of everything bad that could possibly happen, ignoring everything we know about how viruses behave in the real world, was just the start. … [Read more…]

The Flaws in Intelligence

Twenty first century intelligence has strayed a long way from Weischler (progenitor of the WAIS tests – that is the foremost intelligence tests, used in education and neuropsychometrics) original definition “the global capacity of a person to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with his (or her) environment.” Weischler was specifically interested … [Read more…]

Why MoodMap?

MoodMapping helps people objectively monitor, measure and manage their moods. Mood is the most basic part of our personality. It dictates behaviour, success, socialIf we can’t manage our moods, not only are we unlikely to do well in life, but we are likely to lose friends, feel isolated and lose all pleasure in life. increasing … [Read more…]

Are Men the Problem?

Are men the problem, or is it just White Men. If men are the problem, then it is all men. White men are probably the most civilised men on the planet, although that is not a high bar for them to step over. A civilised man treats women with respect and looks out for the … [Read more…]

With rationality comes reductionism

Comparison of AI computations with thinking and rationalityComputers can pursue an algorithm or formula to well beyond its logical or rational limits. They can compute to the end of time. A computer is limited only by its microchips, and size of its memory. Humans are not good at this kind of activity, a few are, … [Read more…]

Covid19 and the First Global Civil War

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” Sherlock Holmes What do governments world wide know about Covid19 that we don’t? What do we know – that the world has changed or been changed beyond recognition. And no single narrative can explain it, which suggests there may several narratives … [Read more…]

General Practice 1 – Is it Fit for Purpose?

Is General Practice Fit for Purpose or is Lockdown another nail in its coffin? In a suitably grandiose and hubristic style, the Royal College of General Practitioners pronounces that ” a strong primary care system is the absolute foundation for protecting ourselves against this pandemic and any future pandemic” Covid19 has changed General Practice – … [Read more…]

Further reading

You are not alone if you think that turning the world into a Covid1984 PoW camp has become a complete nonsense, economic disaster and health hazard. These people are also on your side Lockdown Sceptics J B Handley’s blog, which is also sceptical about vaccination in general and does a lot of useful research on … [Read more…]